P o r s c h e - in Memory
  • Foaled: May 2, 2005
  • Died: January 3, 2009
  • Filly
  • 15.2 h (at 2 years)
  • Grey (born Chestnut)
  • Breeder: Lost World Farm, LLC
  • ISR/Oldenburg NA Premium Foal

Patrick Corland Cor de la Bryére
E Akribie Renomee
Hulane Sovereign Bill Sovereign Lord
Eternal Truth II
Lulane Hugo
D. Lulane

Porsche was not only a semblance of the promise of herparents, Patrick and Sasha, her existence represented much more to those who loved her.

Porsche was one of the girls, she shared her opionion and listened to the opinions of others, Porsche's sweet nature brought her undivided attention, even of those whose schedule did not allow for it.

She was the favorite of many who came to know her. A very sensitive lady, developing friendships with those on two legs and four, including pesky foals left in her care that at first she did not care for.

Surely an heiress of tremendous potential, Reserve Champion, a title obtained at her foal inspection with a score of 8.4

Not only was she known for her beauty, friendship, and athleticism, she was a Mom.

Though yet a youth herself, Porsche was in foal carring Ferdinand who's promising pedigree would have surely left it's mark on the sport horse world. His grand lineage held many titles including elite, premium and leading producers of sport horses in Europe.

The name Ferdinand chosen after Ferdinand Porsche, a visionary as well as the inventor of one of the most evocative names in the auto world. The name Ferdinand is of German origin whose meaning is "bold voyager".

Though his voyage to this earth was incomplete, the promise of bringing exciting progress to horse breeding will continue. He was a strong and courageous soul regardless of his circumstances, including the most bold voyage of all - to heaven.

Porsche and Ferdinand passed on January 3rd, 2009. May they together, mother and son, watch over this farm and these friends left behind.

God rest the souls of Porsche and Ferdinand.

(composed by Marie DeWitt - a good frind of Porsche and all at Lost World Farm)



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